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As the COVID-19 pandemic changes how we live and work, as always we will continue to support you. The safety of your people and ours is our highest priority. With today’s technology we are well prepared to support your needs and requirements. As we constantly evolve during this time so are our services. Please let us know how we can help you in this difficult time.

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The Joint Commission Announced:

They will be resuming unannounced on-site surveys on June 15th.
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Life Safety Consortium LLC based in MD provides the highest quality professional services in the area of life safety consulting for healthcare. Regardless of whether your project is large or small, our team of experts will provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right the first time. Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise makes impossible tasks possible.

Our multidisciplinary company assists hospital organizations with a wide range of services at reasonable prices. We take pride in offering the best service to our clients; we are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We develop strong professional relationships with our clients based upon the high level of expertise we provide.

Life Safety Consortium LLC is the leader in Life Safety Consulting services specifically meeting the needs of healthcare facilities.  The reasons we love working with healthcare facilities are threefold:  helping to provide a safe environment for patients and staff, working to make all the different requirements found in healthcare facilities more understandable, and educating staff to empower them to make their work a bit easier.  We pride ourselves in understanding the operational needs of healthcare, which allows us to develop compliant solutions that meet those needs.  Our understanding of The Life Safety Code requirements, and referenced documents, is renowned in the healthcare community.  Let Life Safety Consortium LLC provide your healthcare facility with life safety consulting services that will remove the confusion of compliance and clarify maintenance needs. 

Allow us to show you how we can remove the stress and guess work out of healthcare compliance.

About Us...

Life Safety Consortium LLC was born out of a desire to further the concepts of Life Safety Compliance in healthcare facilities. We have decades of experience in providing service-oriented consulting to healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Based outside of Baltimore, Maryland, we have built our woman owned small business from the ground up, adding a touch of class to a very technical world. Our main goal is to make our clients feel 100% comfortable that their facility is compliant and prepared for survey. We want you to feel like we are an important part of your facility's family. Since inception, our #1 concern is your facility's compliance. With the level expertise of our associates, our big smiles, and pleasant personalities, our clients look forward to working with us, knowing they can count on us.

We may be a small fish in a big pond, but we have lots of friends. Like a school of little fish swimming together to deal with the shark, we can handle even the biggest issues. Life Safety Consortium is committed to taking the uncertainty out of Life Safety Compliance in healthcare.

Our Mission Statement

To guide, educate, and promote life safety throughout the health care community with professionalism, understanding, experience, and a bit of grace.

Our Company Philosophy and Vision

Life Safety Consortium LLC places the needs of the healthcare facility first.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to compliance issues that meet the financial, operational, and staffing constraints of each facility.  Our clients trust explicitly that the compliance within their facility is of utmost importance to us while knowing that we will be there when they need us.

Current Certifications

Life Safety Consortium LLC is certified as both a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.

As a woman owned consulting company, Life Safety Consortium LLC is in the application process for both the State of Maryland Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs. 

Our Fire and Smoke Door Inspectors have been certified and maintain certifications with both Intertek and DHI.

All our employees are trained in the field and are required to take training through companies such as NFPA as well as others.

About Our Owner Angel Kahler

Angel spent over fifteen years working in the healthcare compliance world.  She is well known throughout the fire protection and healthcare compliance communities for her level of knowledge in life safety matters. Her expertise in marrying the operational needs of healthcare facilities with the compliance requirements of multiple authorities, including The Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission (TJC) speaks volumes.  Clients speak highly of her expertise, professionalism, and attention to customer service.

She also has over twenty years of experience in AutoCAD design.  She is well known in the CAD community for her expertise in understanding the ins-and-outs of CAD programs and making them perform in the manner that is required to develop high quality plans that inform and are easy to understand. 

Further, Angel is a certified fire door inspector, a highly sought-after certification in the healthcare facilities maintenance community.  She integrates her broad knowledge and specialized skill sets in different fields to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


Knowing and maintaining the life safety aspects of a facility is essential for maintaining accreditation and patient safety. Having complete and updated Life Safety Master Plans is an integral part of every aspect of your facility development, including renovations, accreditations, inspections, vendor compliance, insurance coverage, budgeting, and maintenance. A facility owner cannot maintain its code requirements and compliance without knowing the life safety components of the specific facility. As the building changes, whether through renovation, occupancy, or just simple aging, it is imperative that education, inspections, assessments, and a process of review be implemented to ensure the safety of the facility’s occupants.

Having a trusted third party can mean the difference between success and failure. Often, a simple review of renovation plans from a third-party can save money by tackling issues before they arise in the field. Having a third-party maintenance inspection or assessment means proactively identifying issues which require maintenance to ensure code compliance and help with plans for improvement to save owners money.

This can be an overwhelming process or seem to be a never-ending task to keep up. LSC can make the process manageable and mitigate risk by ensuring that we will be there to navigate the codes, requirements, and inspections, and to help keep your facility in compliance.


We currently are offering 10% off Life Safety Assessment Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic We Are Extending The Offer Till the End of December, 2022

(Term lengths Available are  24, 36, 48, 60 month options)

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Our Services

As a leading provider of Life Safety Compliance, Life Safety Consortium LLC provides consulting services to aid healthcare facilities in compliance with federal requirements; in addition, we provide application of safety and building codes to new construction, renovation, and existing facilities. 

While our main focus is in healthcare we do offer a variety of services for our types of occupancies. 

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Life Safety Consulting

Life safety compliance is essential for protecting patient, visitor, and staff safety. In the US, the code requirements are very complex but have resulted in the world’s best safety record. However, their complexity and staffing restrictions make it nearly impossible for healthcare organizations to remain compliant without help from qualified third parties.

  • Life Safety Assessments
  • Suite Arrangements
  • Life Safety Master Plan Development and Reviews
  • New Construction and Renovation Consulting
  • Occupancy Assessments
  • Training
  • Evacuation Plan Development




CMS / TJC / DNV Consulting

The overlapping and contradictory requirements of CMS, TJC, and DNV can be confusing and difficult to apply to an ever-changing healthcare facility.  Life Safety Consortium LLC has specific experience working with the compliancy entities.  We understand their expectations and survey procedures.

  • FSES Development
  • Regional and Federal IDR Consulting
  • Waivers/Equivalencies
  • Mock Surveys
  • Documentation Review
  • ILSM Consulting
  • Survey Assistance: Prep, Backup, and On-site Assistance




CAD Consulting

Developing CAD standards for a facility can be time consuming. It requires a lot of research to understand the different standards for deciding what works for your CAD department. Generating dynamic blocks, palettes and layers requires a sound knowledge of the inner workings of AutoCAD to ensure consistency from one drawing to another. This will save time and money in developing your facility drawings. Life Safety Consortium LLC has extensive experience using AutoCAD products. We can develop CAD standards that work for you. We can also create procedures to ensure that vendors also follow those standards so that the products you get back are easily integrated into your existing drawings, saving time and money.

  • CAD Standards Development and Consulting
  • Block Creation/Development
  • CAD Standard Documentation
  • Existing CAD Drawing Updates
  • CAD Drawing Development

Certified Fire Door Inspections

Life Safety Consortium LLC can inspect your fire doors and provide you a report showing you what needs to be repaired to meet required NFPA 80 standards.  We can also help you develop a door maintenance program to ensure your fire doors meet those standards. Knowledge of the various requirements for each type of Fire Door and its components is a must when inspecting and maintaining your facility’s fire doors.

  • Inspections
  • Development of Inspection Procedures
  • Documentation Review
  • Door Maintenance Programs
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Design Consulting

It is critically important to have all new and renovation design projects reviewed for life safety compliance. It is a lot easier to fix an issue during the design process before going to construction than to fix a project after it’s built. LSC reviews the plans on behalf of your facility and offers up codes, comments, markups, and suggestions for bringing the project into compliance before it goes to construction. This will save you significant time and money in the long run.

  • Building, Life Safety and Fire Consulting, Including Performance-Based Building
  • Design and Evaluation, and Fire Modeling
  • Building, Life Safety, and Fire Code Reviews for New Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Code Compliance Plans and Reports
  • Negotiations with Code Officials

Temporary Space Consulting

  • Assistance with Addressing Operational Challenges During This Time, Including Inspection, Test and Maintenance, Fire Drills, EOC Surveys, Temporary Cooking Operations, Storage of Hand Sanitizer Materials, and Portable Gas Storage.
  • Surveys and Evaluations of Temporary Medical Buildings/ Facilities
  • Review of Building Designs/ Plans for Temporary Space
  • Development of Interim Fire and Life Safety Measures
  • Compliance Surveys for Facilities Where Conditions May Not Be Optimum
  • Assistance with Preparation of Waivers
  • Documentation Review
  • Development of Interim Fire and Life Safety Measures
  • Survey Assistance: Prep, Backup, and On-site Assistance

Proactive Services

COVID-19 Helpful Health Care Facility Information

Helpful Podcasts Available Discussing Challenges Facing Health Care Community

COVID 19: Resources Available To The Health Care Community

COVID 19: Operational Considerations

COVID 19: Alternate Care Sites and Temporary Construction

The Podcasts highlight:
  1. Resources available on various government, regulatory, and association websites
  2. Operational considerations and challenges health care facilities are facing during the COVID-19 emergency.
  3. Code compliance strategies to provide a reasonable level of safety at alternate care sites and for temporary construction


Just a Few Testimonials We Received

Angel is my go-two for expert advice on Life Safety in Health Care.

Angel has a keen understanding of CAD standards and applications. She is truly an expert in CAD.

I am always surprised how easily Angel can spot an issue and come up with multiple solutions that are cost effective, time effective, and with the understanding of our facility’s operational needs.

I always look forward to LSC’s visit. They always have a big smile to share and seem to really enjoy their work. They are professional and get their work done quickly and effectively. Their reports are concise and provide information that can be easily understood by people who have little to no knowledge of life safety in health care.

I wanted to comment on the level of professionalism that LSC exhibited during their time at our facility, they were pleasant to work with, extremely efficient, needed little to no supervisor, completed their assessment in record time and reported back to me their findings. Wow, if all of our support vendors were as efficient as they were, it would make my life so much easier.

The people at LSC are so enjoyable to work with. They always answer my many questions in a timely manner. Without them my job would be a lot harder. Their SOC drawings provide everything that allows a surveyor to understand our facility easily and quickly.

Hot Spots of Knowledge

AHA Conference

American Hospital Association Conference

DHI Conference

To Be Announced for 2021

NFPA Conference for Healthcare

To Be Announced for 2021

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Loved Quotes...

Safety is the engine

“Safety is the engine, and you are the key When out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety.” -William Shakespeare

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