What is a Statement of Conditions (SOC)? A Statement of Conditions, SOC for short, is the tool provided by The Joint Commission (TJC) for Health Care facilities to self-assess on the Life Safety of their buildings. The SOC was originally titled the Statement of Construction but in the late 1990s was changed to the Statement of Conditions. Until the mid-2000s the SOC was a paper document but has since been changed to a digital tool. The Statement of Conditions is found under a health care facility’s Joint Commission Connect website, which is a secure website that is facility specific. All facilities accredited by The Joint Commission have a Joint Commission Connect website and only authorized users at the facility and The Joint Commission have access to the site. There is a lot of information on the Joint Commission Connect website relative to the full accreditation process for each facility. The Statement of Conditions (SOC) is found on the Continuous Compliance tab of the site. There are two parts to the SOC. The first part is the Basic Building Information, or BBI, which details the occupancies within each building and information such as type of construction, extent of sprinkler protection, number of stories, age, emergency power, chutes, and secure units (just to name a few). This information allows The Joint Commission to understand the make-up of the facility and determine how long they need to visit during their tri-annual accreditation survey. The second part of the Statement of Conditions, or SOC, is the Plan for Improvement, also known as the PFI. This section details the facility-assessed life safety deficiencies, their remedies, the cost to remedy, and how long it is estimated to take. This section is the most important section as it needs to be kept up-to-date and information should be added and closed-out on a regular basis. Doing so shows The Joint Commission that a facility is regularly reviewing itself for deficiencies and managing them properly. The Statement of Conditions, or SOC, is a vital tool in the accreditation process with The Joint Commission and is required for all facilities that gain accreditation through TJC.
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